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Friday, March 30, 2007

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- triathlon Luta Garra Forca e mostra que o impossivel é capaz

- This video is the an 58 years American military man with son cerebral paralysis... 5km swimming, 200 km Cycling, 42 km. Atletismo,...human story video

- 군인 아버지와 뇌성마비 아들이 함께 만든 휴먼 스토리

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Serious Counsel for how Diabetics must Live - Massage without Pity

Diabetics’(1-Type) How to Protect Feet - Massage without Pity

Even in summer with my knees and feet and hands being chilly to numbed, I have suffered for about 10 years. These days, this symptom is growing little by little better. Sore-and-numbness as of hand foot and knee is also one of the complications due to unsmoothness of blood circulation in the internal body because of diabetes.

In the long process of diabetes, there come the occasional cases of blood vessels’ being narrowed or clogged. These blood vessel impedimentary symptoms take place more easily at the spots that are farther from the heart and at the spots where blood vessels are crowded.

The chilly-numb-and-decayingness as of hand foot and knee is the illustration that the capillary vessels and periphery nerves more distant from the heart are ruining. The vulnerable-weakening-deteriorating-and-malfunctioningness as of eye tooth and genital organ is the illustration that the crowded spots of capillary tubes and periphery nerves are ruining.

In my case, pressing, rubbing, bending, pulling, twisting, shaking, beating...the muscles and joints around such as hands, feet, knees, eyes, teeth and penis, the functions of my blood vessels and nerves on the spots may have been better.
To verbalize such practices as pressing, shaking and beating, you may call it a sort of ‘tapotement’

The kneading should not be smooth or moderate like massage, but should be as wild as the mouth opens and the body twists with pain. I have been doing so over all my body not just on knees or feet, sometimes fingering, pressing, rubbing, bending, pulling, twisting, beating...my parts of the whole body as painfully as tears flow.

For example, in order to cure the feet and knees of being chilly and asleep, I must massage all the parts below the waistline such as buttocks, pelves, groin, thighs, knees, calves, anklebone, ankles, toes,..so I can gain help for knees and feet being chilly and calves being stiffening (cramped).

Also, in order to better erectility, I should play fingers not only around the penis but also around every part including navel, hypogastrium, phallus, testicles, perineum, anus, inguen, pelves and the rear waist spots where kidneys are. Rather than fingering, kneading, bending...only the ill spots of right this present, I also need to massage the surrounding spots connected to the ill parts so as to better the efficacy.

I used the easy word ‘finger.’ However, one should work finger with a genuine patience for a long time against the pain. Especially for the regions that are sore, heavy or stiff, you shouldn’t have compassion to finger, rub, bend and beat on them.

Since 2000, I have suffered severely because of the trauma that I was afflicted with, coupled with the disease caused by pent-up rage. On the contrary, I have struggled to survive with my unyielding spirit and even rage called up; I have teased every spot of the body badly each possible time, twisting, pressing, rubbing, rocking, bending, pulling, beating...my whole body.

I would like to reveal that my only wisdom eventually sustained me once again in my life, especially through the repetitive practice of ‘penis-erecting simulation’ beating up the phallus and the waist regions countlessly. (Some overlaps with 6) Repeat Waist Massage in 8. Body Training for Sex)

To sum up diabetics’ struggle against disease in a few lines, seriously diabetic patients are supposed to be in for their each part’s ruining peripheral nerves and capillary vessels and their easily stiffening phenomenon of muscles and joints as well as their more ruining feet as time passes.

They might feel temporarily improving while one treats news symptoms that come up numerously like deforming and missing gum, weakening eyesight or blindness, cold limbs and sleeping hands and feet, impaired knee joints, impotence, itchy skin and many others. Yet, with time passing, they will go still worse and worse.

Even if growing to ruin is a fixed fact, the more earnestly a patient lives and treats himself or herself, ‘the longer’ he or she can extend the deteriorating period. This is the essence of this book.

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How a Diabetic should Self-Manage - Protect Knees

Diabetics’(1-Type) How to Protect Feet - Protect Knees

You would find some motion pictures in my homepage www.mryoum.com and 2~3 of them where I dance with knee protectors on.

While especially hands feet shoulders in my whole body are cold and chilly in the middle of summer, the other parts are so full of fever that I have to frequently sleep without clothes or bedclothes.

The cold symptom of knee hand and foot is from 1992. Because of chilly knees’ being worse and worse due to the sleeping practice that I don’t use bedclothes in bed, I wear knee protectors for the whole year. I have to sleep on the warm electric blanket for more than 11 months in the whole year except few scorching-hot tropical summer nights.

I sleep, with windows open, with an electric fan on but the remote control by the pillow, with knee protectors on the knees, with loose socks at times, and with no clothes above knees for a few months of year.

The more I have to use indoor heating and an electric blanket and bedclothes, the easier it is to protect the knee and other joints. Contrary to expectation, it is harder in deeper and deeper summer because of the living practices including air conditioning, electric fanning, immersing the body in the lukewarm, naked sleeping.

Like some other persons, I tried to sleep without an electric blanket a few times. Any troublesome morning awaited me with my whole sore body including waist, backbone, kidneys, as well as knees because I had to sleep curled up during the night.

With my body condition, I’ve got no choice but to sleep like the present practice.

(It is 2002~2003 that I wrote this book.
Since 2004 when my kidneys and eyes got more vulnerable and worse, I even haven’t been able to use an electric blanket so that I might avoid the symptom of heat’s coming only up the upper body. After 2004, I sleep between the cotton-padded quilts on the bed mattress instead of an electric blanket or cushion. In the seasons other than 2~3 summer seasons, I sleep in winter underwear throughout the whole year.

I use ‘warmth’ of cotton wool instead of an electric blanket for the sake of warm sleep. I wear winter underwear all year round for the protection of my joints - of course, I wear thin one in early spring and summer and early autumn.

As time goes by, however, the body’s going worse and worse is the trait of diabetes and is the horrible point of ‘progressive chronic disease.’)

If there are any, if not diabetic, persons who complain of the symptoms like “Knees feel like a cold wind inside; Knees are chilly; Knees are sore;..,” then I would like to suggest you wear knee protectors. For, the sore knees get much alleviated by virtue of their role of covering your knees warm.

But one note is, one need be mindful that the knee protectors and socks worn during your sleep must be loose so that your legs and feet’s being swollen be avoided. If you continue to wear even in your sleep the tight ones you wore during daytime, you might get your legs and feet swollen due to lack of blood circulation.
In my case, I differentiate daytime knee protectors and socks from nighttime ones.

More information about Self-management of Diabetes or Diabetic Patients, http://www.mryoum.com/skin_youm_html/eindex.htm
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Advice on Diabetes How to Protect Feet - Walk like Model into Life

Diabetics’(1-Type) How to Protect Feet - Walk like Model into Life

If I have injected mycillin about the wounded spots with a syringe needle, I cannot help using and washing my feet in daily life.

Because of this particularity of the foot, the wound doesn’t easily heal up.

Like I mentioned, I have suffered a lot due to the foot from 1991 to ’95.

Covered with messy blood that turned out from the sore wound on the rear foot, every shoe heel was dyed with oozy waters and blood all year around.

I carried antibiotic cream, alcohol, pincers, adhesive plaster, gauze, cotton fluff, and the like in my bag. Whenever the wound was serious, I had to renew the gauze where pus or blood was stained at least once in the school.

Walling with heels up is what I discovered after years of this suffering.

It is almost like a fashion model’s walking on the stage, if one walks to a light rhythm with his heels and spine straight up.

At first, I could walk only 2~3 minutes, resting for a moment, then walking over again. By and by, I grew so accustomed to it that I could walk on tiptoe with only a few pauses for 30 minutes. This means I have got as strong in leg muscles, in a sense.

Since introducing this manner to my life after 4~5 years of foot suffering, I have the trouble healed up in just a few months.

Still, I use this manner if there is any blister on the heel or toe.

The amount of walking by average men without special walking is about 30~60 minutes a day.

I connect my dance motions with heels up if possible, maintaining a certain amount of walking a day, dancing lightly to music in the house if not walking outdoors.

Even when it is hard to walk in the outdoors, I somehow try to control my condition, taking a light walking exercise to music around an electric fan in the living room for about 30~40 minutes.

There are few practices that are as moderate to the body and as beneficial to the joints and muscles as light dancing.

The women who wish ‘slender bodyline’ may as well take after this practice for the management of their body.

If there needs to be any more information about Self-management of Diabetes or Diabetic Patients,
More information about Self-management of Diabetes or Diabetic Patients, http://www.mryoum.com/skin_youm_html/eindex.htm
I wish you use it usefully if there are any necessary for you.

Diabetics’ How to Protect Feet - Wear Comfortable Shoes

Advice on Diabetes - Wear Comfortable Shoes

Since 1990 when I got frequent blisters and got tardily cured once wounded and cold limbs went worse, it has become very difficult which shoes for me to choose.

In 1991~95 when I suffered from my feet wounds, it was fur shoes gotten from a native market that I wore from November to April.
Of all the many shoes I wore for over 40 years, there were no shoes more comfortable than fur shoes.

Because of my body condition that I had to take clothes off if I was exposed to sunshine even amid the coldest winter, I would take a walk with my pet dog by the side, with sunglasses over the eyes, with a mask over the mouth, with gloves on the hands, with fur shoes on the feet, with thin and light clothes over the upper body, with cotton-padded pants or sportswear on the lower body,..up to March or mid-April.

On account of this outfit, I was sometimes recognized as ‘someone strange, some queer, or someone crazy...’ whichever place I lived. I was sometimes even stopped by a patrolman for a check. Once, I was stopped for a check right in front of the gate as soon as I was out of my house.
Despite there being nothing better than this outfit for my body condition, I have been treated as a queer guy or strange person at times. But if there are any people who are suffering from similar symptoms to mine, I would like to encourage you should ‘live confidently’ with sunglasses over your eyes, with a mask over your mouth, with gloves on your hands, with seemingly an awkward set of clothes on your body, and with even fur shoes on your feet, no matter how ill others may speak of you.

Years ago, I had a chance to buy a certain pair of shoes during bargain sale at a village general store. The shoes were so highly comfortable that I bought 7 pairs more the next day. On the instant spot, I got the words ‘crazy guy’ from my family members. I bought shoes several times more afterwards. But there has been nothing as comfortable as those shoes, except for fur shoes.
For a few years each winter season I wore fur shoes, and then comfortable ones among mountain climbing boots. Other seasons until 2003 I wore some more pairs of shoes I got from other places and the 8 pairs of shoes I got at a swoop from a village general store early 1998.

With the design ‘I will put them on in even 5 or 10 years’ if you find the shoes comfortable on your feet (this greed is desirable one), you should certainly buy them beforehand even on credit card so that they may be beneficial to later good use.

What makes me really mad and steamed about is, people tend to ignore the ways I recommend. It gives me no interest if people listened to what I recommend, but on the other side my self-respect feels as hurt as my recommendation is ignored.

If a famous doctor had said what I advise at an public lecture in TV, or if a priest of a big well-famed church had said what I advise, he might have received all the compliments that he is so considerate, so compassionate, so well-informed, so graceful,...
While my words who was treated as an odd ball or a crazy guy have been recognized as any nonsense bowwow that a rabid dog was barking.

The point is, in not long years I heard the following news that some of them who ignored what I advised had been sent to the hospital; their toes had been cut off; and their eyes had been impaired.

Whenever I was told those kinds of news, I would spit out the following stuff to myself:
“You live as you please and I as I please, while I am hurt by my pride and you damaged by your own careless life!”

Who said them is more appreciated than the importance of the words themselves in man’s society.
This is one’s social status and his name value.

My words are sometimes disregarded by my family members. In my this precarious standing, I opened my Internet homepage to ‘attribute more significant meaning to my words.’ Further on, I have been even working on books as a last resort.

If there needs to be any more information about Self-management of Diabetes or Diabetic Patients, http://www.mryoum.com/skin_youm_html/eindex.htm

The ‘Diabetic Life’- How to Protect Feet

About Diabetes - How to Protect Feet

The foot!

It had been the body part that was easiest to be ignored when I was in good health. However, growing to have shots of insulin for longer and longer time, I run into the situation of being more and more concerned about feet. For diabetic patients, the ‘situation that needs concern about the feet’ means to have had abnormality or something wrong in the feet.

In the regular case of people who are healthy, they don’t develop any special abnormality in the feet even if they do exercise a few hours per time as in walking, running, hiking on the mountain,..according to the limits of their physical strength.
And if they feel tiredness in their feet(legs), they need nothing but soft foot care like taking a bath in warm water and massaging theirs. Before any particular problem developed, the normal feet had been managed and maintained well, by only being washed decently in a shower or a bath.

However, as one remains a chronic diabetic, things go different.

In my case, I usually go out for a walk an hour at a time. If I walk in mere slightly uncomfortable shoes, I easily get a blister.

It is a necessity to take a certain amount of walking as a measure of blood sugar regulation for other diabetic patients as well as me. The problem is, if I walk the next day in the condition of blistered feet, the blister goes bigger than the previous day. The following day, the wound has already gone infected and begins festering. And so on, this vicious circle repeats itself.

Along with this vicious circle, my heart and eyes too have gone bad. As compared with the amount of walking 5~10 years ago, the walking hours has decreased a lot.
There are a number of times when I have to give up walking itself because of the eyes that need avoidance of light these days.

Instead, I try to regulate blood sugar and relieve eye strain even by taking more baths and increasing the time of dancing lightly in the house.

Now, even changing to new shoes a few times a year makes me irritated. Whenever I change into new shoes, I go into failure more than 50%. If I think I’ve chosen more comfortable ones, the shoes tend to cause blister on the feet if I walk around in the shoes one day or two.

The reality of diabetics insulin-shot for a long time is, they should keep a certain load of walking or strolling.

The people who carry progressive chronic illnesses must live their lives radically different from those life-comfortable people who may do if they want or don’t have to do if they don’t want.

Because of too frequent missing toenails and blisters since a few years ago, I now wear sneakers or casual shoes as often as possible. I try to wear not only shoes but also all others within my best comfortableness.

I have been very nervous about my feet since the 1980s, 10 years after insulin administration, which I didn’t care when it was good.

A little more walking or new shoes, and the next day I tend to get a blister. A few days afterwards, I get more chances of dark-turned blister or already pus. If the blister part is on a toe or under a toenail, the toenail gets missing in a month or two.

My 9~10 left big toenails and 5~6 right big toenails were lost since 1989. My left big toenail is presently malformed. Though ill-shapen, I am thankful for the big toenail’s having still been newly coming out. Because of having been insulin-shot for 26 years into the body so peculiar from the beginning, I feel so precious of and so attached to each and every part of the body - “from hair to toe”

It is not a laughing matter.

Because of the body fever, hairs fall off; because of skin trouble, the scalp keeps breaking out in sore boils; and toenails continue missing countlessly. At this progress of time, one gets to feel any growing sense of crisis. Before going to total destruction, one must be concerned about and manage each and every part of the body, so that he may keep his remaining body condition any longer.

This ‘preventive measure’ means to manage the body with care before going to complete ruin of the body.
For diabetics, ‘preventive’ management of the body is most important.

For years of 1991~95, I had been in much trouble because of my foot. (This story partly overlaps with the contents of ‘the 45-year-old Image’ the 3rd volume of the ‘Surviving Without Dying’ series.)

At the time, I would often drink a glass of wine and take a bath and then withdraw blood after pricking the acupunctural spots around both big toenails with a syringe needle.

If it aches and turns out drops of dark-red blood while pricking, it makes me feel at ease. If it neither is painful nor forms any blood even though I pricked, it makes me contrarily feel my bosom fallen down.

It is natural that the acupunctural spot should be very hurtful and be bleeding if it is pricked right around the fingernail or toenail with a needle of syringe.

Yet, if it doesn’t ache or bleed, then what does this mean?
It means that peripheral nerves and capillary blood vessels are ruined as much, or they have been falling into ruin.

The seriously diabetic need to test the saying ‘not hurting is dreadful!’

Now in 10 years, I’ve even stopped this act.

Everything has its own time. It is important to be concerned about tests of the body part and to keep prevention somehow before it goes to complete ruin. If it’s already gone to ruin, one falls into the situation that he has no option but to maintain only the status quo of the remaining ruined function.

Prevention before irrevocable state of devastation, this is the best policy.

The present foot of mine means to have already passed the time of checking up sensitively how my foot function was deteriorating as compared with 10 years ago.
My left foot less ached and less bled when I pricked the acupunctural spots around both big toenails with a portable syringe needle. The left toenail was missing two times as often as well. Not only toenails but also the overall functions of my left body tend to be a little bit worse than the right.

Because I don’t want anywhere any part of my body to be lost or be ruined until the end, I have been mobilizing every way I can on my own.

I have been suffering sometimes from my feet and legs. Yet by virtue of my will and wisdom to protect each and every corner of my body, I have still been ‘healing managing and maintaining’ myself on my own with no fingernail no toenail and no teeth missing.

Some manners I have been trying for the management of my feet are as follows:

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

General Council about Eye Care of Diabetics How to Protect Eyes - Avoid Artificial Lighting!

Advice on Serious Diabetic Patients - Avoid Artificial Lighting!

There is nothing as difficult as to keep ‘avoiding artificial lighting’ in modern people’s living.

If one looks at modern people’s living, they are as depending on lights as if it is right to say they are living in the life pattern of relying on lights. We cannot ignore the lights reflecting from all the things in everyday living. To diabetics whose eyes have been ruining due to diabetes, reflective lights might be a more fatal blow.
The more civilized societies we are, the harder environments we are in for for our eyes to be comfortable either day or night.

Morning break, washroom, TV or computer, living room, office room, store, street back from the office, street lamp, cars’ lights, street lighting within the apartment-house complex, light leaking from the front house’s window,... an place is related to light.

I have said that 26 years passed since the first being insulin-shot at the age of 17.

In random words, if a man has 26 years passed since first being insulin-shot at the age of 50~60, he might be worried less about his eyesight because he is already right before death.
Yet in the case of being under 20 years old like me, even if he has endured for about 30~40 years, he would be by now around 50 years old (representative Type-I diabetes or childhood diabetes).

Speaking of a young patient who suffers childhood diabetes, even if he should have been insulin-administered for 30 years, he would be only about 40 years old then. Such 30, 40 or 50-year-old is the age in which one should be the most passionate in the life.

If getting their eyes blind and other parts of their body ruined in the middle of young social ages, these people usually cannot help living as outsiders in the societies they belong to.

Emptiness, bewilderment, frustration, sense of being betrayed, resentment,...of the 30, 40, 50-year-old persons who have lost their some functions of the body, at least these lost emotions that patients themselves suffer are hard to be indemnified for with anything.

Most 30, 40, 50-year-old persons are family members, like husband or wife or parents for their children in the body of a family. If any one of family members starts to have a life ruined due to frustration, resentment, pent-up anger, feeling of despair,... the arrangement and wellbeing of their whole family will be swayed and impaired from then on.

Taking this into deep consideration, the patient must acknowledge that he is obliged to take care of himself in the sense that he is not only himself but also ‘one of the family members.’

I too have been living with the body and eyes that suffered from lights since 1977, while I have been steadily taking extreme care of my eyes since 1990. In the meantime, I can frankly say that I still feel ‘powerless’ with regard to the ‘eyesight that goes bad to worse.’

Like I mentioned, I can urinate myself without light when I go to restroom at dawn.
There are many lights around like indicators of household electric appliances at each corner of house, light from the neighboring house window, all kinds of reflective lights to be encountered from the morning, ceaseless reflective lights from the building windows around, intense headlights of cars coming and going on the road,...

If I don’t turn on any light urinating myself, this doesn’t mean I can prevent every light from coming in.For, at each turn of eyes, I cannot avoid the lights from all around.

Even though I engage in a strenuous struggle in the life, there are both the things that I can deal with and the things that I cannot. In most cases, this issue of ‘light’ cannot be solved alone.

There have been fewer and fewer things that can be solved alone, which makes me remain more and more frustrated.

What I now need to change is to keep away from my TV-watching habit. My watching TV is a kind of my habitual practice to which I have been accustomed along with my marriage, divorce and nearly 4 years of my distressful life. By virtue of living without TV before my marriage, watching TV had been no serious issue for me. But this my TV-watching habit I have been accustomed to in less than 4 years is causing any bad influence on my eyes.

I have been watching TV 5~6 hours a day right after divorce, 3~4 hours 2001, about 2 hours in the first half 2002 and 30~60 minutes a day in 2003.

If my eyes are hurt, I don’t watch TV at all. But whenever I find my hands reaching the TV remote control, I often feel disappointed at my lack of self-restraint.
Yet because of such conditions as computer illiteracy, no driving a car, no watching newspaper, wearing sunglasses, regular walk on the trail and going to bed by 8~9 o’clock or 10 at the latest, I still have my eyes protected. But I am not totally confident that I will be able to ‘continue to see the world until I die’ as I desire.

These conditions of mine wouldn’t be those that are shared by all diabetics.

The ways I chose are not the best ones.

I just wish other patients too do all their best they can to protect their eyes like I mobilized all the ways I could to manage my body and eyes. Diabetic patients who have to live for a few more decades should at least ready for these efforts to keep sight of ‘this beautiful world’ until the end.

Particularly for young patients with 40~50-years-or-more struggle against disease or very young childhood diabetics, they must keep in mind that they absolutely need the manners of living different than others so that they can completely reach their life destination where they themselves decided upon.

I wish every diabetic continues to say the saying over and over again until he dies, “If my body is ten, my eyes are nine of all.”

God Bless you!!

Bible says, there is nothing new under the sun. But I pray you ever keep sight of this beautiful world ‘under the sun.’

Though it was from chapter one in the book of Ecclesiastes, this is a prayer by ‘minister Wailing Freeman Youm Sangmyoung.’

If there needs to be any more information about Self-management of Diabetes or Diabetic Patients, http://www.mryoum.com/skin_youm_html/emenu04.htm